The "Book"

Best of the Best

The "Book" is collection of photos taken of Emmylou Harris between 1975 and 1982 and compiled in a book form reminiscent of the photo portfolio carried by her road manager, Steve Redfern, during those years. A lot of my photos were chosen for studio publicity, posters or songbooks and the leftovers were given to band members and/or placed in The Book where they would be available to be autographed by Emmy for special visitors and select fans at her shows.

Some of these photos may be familiar to you while others you've never seen before. While I have thousands of photos to choose from, I have picked out these to highlight Emmylou Harris and the Hot Band. Thanks to digital technology, I am able to present a selection of my best photos in a form respectful of Emmylou Harris and close to what I intended when I initially shot them. You are now able to see her and her band members as I saw them through the lens of my camera.

These custom, hand printed 8-1/2 by 11 photos are meant to be enjoyed in The Book or taken out from behind the plastic protectors for closer study or even framing and autographing, if you so desire. A detailed description of each photo is in the back along with several bonus tracks photos.

If you were interested in buying the book or any of the individual photos please contact me at dan.reeder@att.net. Interested in learning more about The "Book" click here.

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